Observation Keeps Life Interesting

Naturally Gutsy

I often have long drives to and from doctor’s appointments each week.  These drives can take 3 hours a day, so I tend to pass quite a bit of scenery along the way.  For example, just last week while driving I saw a wild turkey crossing the road (I wanted it for dinner – that was one HUMONGO bird!).  I also timed the flight of a sparrow by matching its speed with my car and reading the speedometer – 35 mph!  I had already clocked a buzzard months ago at 45-48 mph.  I also saw a poop truck, oh excuse me, I meant “Sanitation Truck” with this sign:

I don’t really care what your party affiliation is – this applies to all political parties IMO.

Gratefully, what I have NOT yet seen is this truck:

In any case, there’s usually something that makes me smile or laugh or think about something other…

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