A Few Fun Facts About Me

  • My favorite color used to be blue but now it’s pink (but *not* peachy pink!).
  • I once accepted a dare for $10.00 to lick a toilet seat. I became $10 richer.
  • I feel satisfied and content when I know I’ve put in a hard day’s work (either at my job, at home, while exercising, or while helping others) and I’m attracted to other people who have a strong work ethic and drive.
  • The best nickname I’ve ever been given is “Snooks” and it fits me perfectly.
  • I’m NOT a “morning person” so if you value your life, stay away from me until at least 9:00am. I am an afternoon or night owl, depending on the day.
  • Every time I buy a houseplant to bring home I feel like a “sympathetic killer” (oxymoron noted) and I apologize to the plant beforehand because of its likely painful and drawn-out death sentence initiated at the checkout counter.
  • Laughter is the best form of exercise.
  • I have nothing hidden under my bed except dust bunnies.
  • I’m ALMOST never bored…there are always thoughts to chase down, books to read, music to listen to or create, exercises, housework, ideas to write about, people to bless, and more things to be done than I can possibly do in a day.
  • I now like dressing up with a bit of style to call my own (or at least some color coordination) even though I once deplored the notion of fashion.
  • When my hair was short, people in public often stopped me to tell me I look like Mary Lou Retton, a famous olympic gold medal gymnast (1984). Since doing the shaved bald thing, I am now more often told I look like Sinead O’Connor, Sigourney Weaver, and Robin Tunney (unfortunately no comparisons to Natalie Portman yet…).   🙂

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