Thanksgiving 2013

In the pre- and post-op aftermath, I’ve fallen behind on blogging.  But I have a few posts that are just a sentence or two away from publishing.  So, though I’m late, here is my Thanksgiving 2013 post.  I figure it’s never too late to be thankful!!  In my world, every day should be Thanksgiving and Christmas!


Thanksgiving has become my favorite holiday.  I have so very much to thank God for in my life and in the life of my family and church family. I love being grateful and considering the goodness and greatness of my God.

I am looking forward to Christmas not because I will feel like doing traditional Christmas activities after surgery (I won’t), but because it is one more amazing opportunity to remind myself of who Christ is and what He has done for me; who the Father is and how he ordained my salvation; who the Holy Spirit is and how He was sent to achieve in me the outworkings of my salvation and the assurance thereof.  What of higher value exists upon which I may rest my weary thoughts?

I am grateful that, while the answers have been hard to hear, I now know what is happening in my body to cause the pain and weakness. I now know what can and cannot be done medically. I’m also grateful to have access to wonderful doctors.

I’m especially thankful this Thanksgiving for God preserving the lives of my Gran and Gramps this past year so that, for this time, we can continue to share our lives as we grow in Christ and continue to acknowledge and enjoy “the goodness of God in the land of the living”.  Though we see dimly, His goodness is so great that it is still worth living in this sin-ridden world.  His goodness surpasses all sin and death and sickness and sorrow.  We have so much to be thankful for!
God has blessed me with spiritual family both now and eternally.  He is kind and gracious.  He does not treat me as I deserve, but sees me through the righteousness of His blessed Son.  Who am I that the Lord should love me?  But in Christ, my Father sees me not as I see myself, but as complete in Him forevermore, my sins cast as far as the east is from the west.  Praise Him!
God has given this weak and tired one strength to endure and the desire for His name to be high and lifted up, for my weakness to be a vehicle of His power and might, a testimony to all who see so that they might proclaim, “Great is our God and worthy of all praise!”  May He use me in His service, however and wherever that may be.
I’m grateful for my upcoming surgery, for the opportunity to get a Spinal Cord Stimulator to help with my pain from CRPS/RSD.

I am sooo thankful. Though I can only stand for a total of 5-10 min per day, God has MIRACULOUSLY been preserving a healthy portion of my muscle strength in both legs. There is no logical/medical explanation for the strength I do still have. I’ve taken it as a gift He has given during this season when, due to pain, I am unable to stand more than that or exercise much at all. I often feel guilty for not trying to stand/walk more often, not wanting to deal with more pain. And I just feel like God has been saying to me, “Daughter, I’ve got this. Focus on ME, and I will take care of all those things you cannot do. I’m giving you rest and peace in the storm. Its not time for me to calm all the winds and waves, but I say to your heart, “Be Still!”” I feel there are additional reasons He has given strength and protected my muscles, and I hope I get to see those even more fully. But in any case, I am encouraged greatly to see His mighty hand in one very specific part of my life.


One thought on “Thanksgiving 2013

  1. Hi Gutsy Girl,
    My daughter too is a pt of Dr . North, and just got her SCS trial this past Thursday (she has full body RSD). I was wondering if you ever got your permanent, and how you are doing. Thanks!

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