The Things I Carry

Sometimes you can learn a lot about a person by noting what they carry on their person. I thought you might find it interesting to know what items help me get through the day.

My purse and my backpack, which hangs off the back of my wheelchair, seem to contain mostly medical junk. BP wrist cuff, gloves and lube and wet wipes (I said I have slow motility, right? well…I’ll leave the rest to your imagination…and no, it’s really not all that exciting…except for when it is…), pen, notebook, WATER BOTTLE, salt capsules (make them myself), Larabar (only snack food, except some baby food, on my diet I found that doesn’t require a cooler – I make all other food from scratch).

Hmmm, now I have to go digging to remember. Let’s see…. Remote control to my Spinal Cord Stimulator (implant), serious medical ID (on wrist) with 12-card fold-out medical ID in my wallet listing you know…like…everything. Lidoderm patches, pillbox with its goodies, wallet, extra hand wipes, flashlight (I fall over in the dark), chap stick, phone and earbuds (ok, that’s fun), and those little Colgate toothbrush/toothpick with the ball of minty stuff inside thingies. Sometimes a book. That’s all! Fits in two bags.

What do you carry to help you manage your health day-to-day? And how about the guys? Do you use a “man bag”?

Gutsy Girl


2 thoughts on “The Things I Carry

  1. you are not alone in all the stuff you carry. 🙂

    i wear my medical alert necklace for my RSD/SCS/medicine.

    i wear most of time compression slevees and gloves with 3/4 fingers. (and if they hurt me that day) i always have them with me.
    i carry a jacket all the time. (fans, or wind, or general cold bothers me)

    i carry my backpack filled with another back that contains my toiletries – bottom buddy that hold the babywipes & package of babywipes… etc.
    my hands don’t work so i cannot hold toilet paper, blah blah blah.
    also in my backpack is small purse with whole bunch of pads, etc
    bandaids, matches, mirror, tumbs, gas-x,
    then in another pocket of backpack have plastic bag filled with latex exam gloves, emergency glow in dark stick, emergency 6 hr charger for cell phone. and my SCS remote control.

    another pocket of backpack i have my handicap placard [amazingly enough a person who’s both hands don’t work quailify for a handicap placard– that’s me], sunglass clip ons w $20 for emergency, a mirror, and a pen.
    and my keychain, keys that have big plastic case over them for easier using for my hands, a metal pill container with zofran, and a small swiss army knife & tools

    then another pocket of backpack i have (1) my wallet that has normal stuff, id, med list, SCS id, credit cards, pen, paper, card that says, “i have CRPS”, and cash (2) more pills (3) coin bag

    then another pocket of backpack i have plastic bag filled with latex exam gloves, gum, listerine strips, slevees, cards from RSDSA about RSD/CRPS

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